Applications & Ref.-Examples

Pivoting Frame Systems: Saving Space in the Train Driver's Cab

Thanks to the use of the ProFlex system, 4 times more components are installed on the same surface. Our expertise in this project:

  • Construction
  • ProFlex wiring system with pivoting frame
  • Design of switching cabinets
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Technical acceptance test
  • Reduction in Construction Costs by

Reduction in Construction Costs by Reducing the Switching Cabinet's Floor Space

  • Hospitals
  • Airport
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Modification of buildings
  • Enlargements

    World's Longest Railway Tunnel: 1500 ProFlex Systems in Use

    The construction costs could be massively reduced, thanks to reduced switching cabinet floor space.

    Summary of the advantages:

    •     Reduction in expansion area of 600 m (resp. 1320 m3)
    •     Less excavation time -> less space requirement of engineering room
    •     Ongoing cost savings due to more compact engineering room:
          -> Lower maintenance costs for lighting and air conditioning
          -> Lower heating and cooling costs
          -> Less installation technology, such as lighting