Cost savings

  • Switching cabinet and pedestal are much more compact
    1. Reduction of purchasing costs
    2. Space-saving for installation
    3. Lower transport costs
  • Use of stainless steel housings or custom colours
  • Cable duct and equipment rails are completely eliminated
  • Time savings in wiring
  • Huge savings of installation expenses. Depending on the application, this can reduce several hours of staff costs:
    1. No thread cutting or mechanical processing
    2. No cutting of equipment rails and cable ducts
    3. Lower purchase costs for stranded wire, cables and copper Busbar systems

Reduction of Conductor Lengths

Thanks to a more direct point-to-point connection in the wiring with the ProFlex wiring system, the conductor lengths are reduced by up to 35%.

In traditional forcibly guided wiring through cable ducts, this may correspond to a length of several hundred meters.



Ordering with One Item Number

You will benefit from only one item number, which must be managed and created in the system. The number of orders from different suppliers can be reduced, thus saving time and trouble.

One order > just one supplier > only one delivery

-> all this makes it possible to omit numerous investigations, document editing and problems.

Optimize Your Transport- and Packaging-Costs

Our compact wiring systems offer advantages in transportation and packaging.

An overall project realized with ProFlex is much more lighter, more compact and requires less loading meters on the means of transport and less effort when packing.

Optimization of the Logistics Processes

You get a complete wiring frame in your incoming goods department and can start with the placement and wiring of electrical components.

Do not waste time with internal material supply and therefore reduce storage costs.