3D Busbars - Your Future

The conventional connection of a point-to-point busbar connection in the past was based on a screw connection, partially of several busbars. Seen from a pure cost-benefit analysis, this was a costly solution. From the risk analysis, there was a serious risk of loose connections caused by shock and vibration loads and torque problems when tightening the screws etc.

The Promet 3D technology reduces costs enormously. A homogeneous point-to-point connection ensures the best possible connection and reduces the risks considerably. In purchasing as well as in logistics.


Busbar Comparison

Example: 60 x 10 mm Copper = 26% reduction of weight


Benefit for Customers and Users

  • Homogeneous uninterruptible point-to-point connection
  • No overlap at points of contact -> reduction of raw material
  • Risk minimization
  • Increased service life
  • Up to 20% reduction in assembly time
  • No mounting material for the connection of busbars
  • Reduced items -> Easier purchasing and less stock keeping
  • Parallel guided wires are available