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Thanks to their regional presence and proven expertise, our solution providers ensure that all your requirements are completely fulfilled. Every partner firm that collaborates with Promet must first demonstrate its expertise. The solution provider is then certified in accordance with strict, global, standard criteria. Systematic training and development are part of the program – and have the same standards that we apply to our own staff.

Every Promet solution provider must renew his or her certification at regular intervals. We therefore guarantee the highest level of technical expertise, from which you benefit. All this results in the long-term success of our partner program. We guarantee that you will find the right partner as part of our program, whose expertise will make a significant contribution to the sustained improvement of your competitiveness.

Solution Provider: ECC energy components center GmbH

We meet your market requirements with a strong partner: ECC


ECC energy components center GmbH is based in Pirmasens (two hours' drive from Frankfurt or Stuttgart). Michael Klug, CEO of ECC, has a wealth of experience of the specialist energy and electricity distribution sectors, and especially of high-current engineering, spanning over two decades.

The mechanical techniques for processing and combining copper, aluminum and other metals represent the company's core competences.

End-to-end services complete the portfolio of ECC energy components center GmbH. It is a certified partner, offering support and advice with your challenges and delivering the best solutions with the lowest risks.
Our solution partner continually improves its skills and expertise in a range of areas, such as information, processing, product and manufacturing procedures, for example. ECC offers innovative solutions, from initial design and consultancy to systems development, deployment and support.

We value our partner, as it is highly committed to our technologies and mutual cooperation. ECC provides services and solutions that complement or expand our portfolio.

ECC energy components center GmbH
Marie-Curie Strasse 16
D-66953 Pirmasens

+49 6331 608407 0 | Tel
+49 6331 608407 1 | Fax
+49 172 546300 0   | Mobile

E-Mail: klug[at]