From the Problem Definition to the Perfect Wiring Solution

Compact designs and reduced space in machines and systems are challenges of control technology for the integration into custom housing solutions.
The revolutionary ProFlex wiring system is modular and flexible and fits into all switching cabinets, wall and compact housings as well as custom elements such as direct integration into machines, machine stands, etc. The wiring is analogous to the mounting plate, horizontal and vertical, at nearly a right angle. 

And this is important for you:

Due to the gaps between the horizontal profiles and a sufficient distance at the sides, each wire can be easily moved from the front to the "rear."

Thus, a wiring according to the Machinery Directive EN 60204 is guaranteed. By omitting the cable ducts, depending on the application, a reduction of the mounting surface of up to 40% can be realized 

-> The use of a massively smaller switching cabinet provides an optimal savings opportunity.



Promet AG provides dynamic profile and equipment macros in the EPLAN data portal for the construction of your specific wiring frames, including article reference data for 90 articles. This means Promet enables users to quickly, efficiently, and independently assemble wiring frames.

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Promet provides STEP/DXF data for the complete article master. This gives you best flexibility during the implementation of your Projects.

From the Mounting Plate to the Wiring Solution

During the assembly on a mounting table, everything is done on the same level. The advantage of using a ProFlex wiring system is that it can be planned and wired in at least two levels. The wiring in a wiring system is mainly done behind the components.

All components, including cable ducts and top hat rails are put on the plate at your discretion and according to the specifications of the component manufacturers. The general arrangement drawing from your electro CAD system as a dxf file, for example, a hand drawing or photograph with the details of the mounting plate dimensions, are sufficient for our technical specialists to develop a technical and commercial solution for you in a few minutes.

You will receive a technical drawing of the entire frame, if desired, with the arrangement of the electrical components so that you are able to reuse this data later again.

Your order of a complete frame is based on an item number; upon delivery, your specialists for control systems can directly start assembling the components and wiring. 

The process: Quick, efficient and easy.


Use the depth (z-axis) of the switching cabinet as an additional wiring level. Using a stable snap screw fastening, additional mounting plates can be used in the depth. It is possible to assemble any electrical components on standard or custom mounting plates.

You cannot get any more compact!


Pivoting Frame Systems - Combined Vertical and Horizontal Construction

With the pivoting frame systems, which can be used both vertically and horizontally, we offer our customers the opportunity to produce even more compact and efficient controllers. Space problems are definitely a thing of the past.

Cost effective pivoting frame solutions for standard and customer housings assist you in the technical implementation of control applications. The accessibility of measuring points and the replacement of faulty devices are guaranteed in case of service. Our technical specialists guarantee a technically perfect solution.


EMC Perfectly Under Control

When wiring, the lengths of the wires and the length of the parallel run wires are crucial for the magnetic field strength. If you use a ProFlex wiring system, the conductor lengths are about 35% shorter and the length of parallel wires is very short, resulting in a significant reduction of the magnetic field strength.

Shield contacting at any place and also subsequently is possible in the system at any time.

Fastening from the front is ensured, so no costly mechanical work must be performed.

Heating in the cabine optimally solved

Due to the elimination of cable ducts between the control components, the "circulating air" can easily flow in the first approach around the individual components and thus carry away the dissipated heat easier.

The formation of heat pockets is reduced. The topic of temperature of components is important if an excessively high temperature is generated due to the dissipated heat (> 35 °C).

Due to improved air flow conditions around the components, the component life can verifiably be extended and less additional energy for cooling is necessary.

Passive and active cooling elements

Power components that have an elevated temperature development in use may be equipped with additional profiles, which Promet has developed in collaboration with cooling specialists.Power components that have an elevated temperature development in use may be equipped with additional profiles, which Promet has developed in collaboration with cooling specialists.

The modules are available in a 25 mm grid dimension.


  • SSR Solid State Relays for switching resistive loads such as heaters, etc.
  • Frequency converters which can be mounted directly on aluminum cold plates

Passive Cooling Elements
For passive cooling, the heat-emitting surface area will be increased, so that possible damage may be prevented due to overheating. The heat transfer from a heat source to the surrounding cooling medium (usually air) is dependent primarily on the temperature difference, the effective surface area and the flow velocity of the cooling medium. A heat sink dissipates the heat from the heat-generating component by conduction and then delivers it by radiation and convection to the surrounding area. In order to keep the thermal resistance as low as possible:

  1. The heat sink must be made of good heat conducting material
  2. It must have a dark and possibly large surface

Active Cooling Elements
Liquid-cooled mounting plates, which are integrated directly into the ProFlex wiring system, are equipped with integrally moulded copper or stainless steel tubes on the rear. Integrated into closed re-cooling systems or an existing water circuit, they form the best possible solution to actively intervene directly at the source of heat generation.

Shock and vibration resistant

Despite of their lower weight, the massive requirements of EN61373-B are met or exceeded thanks to screwed aluminum profiles.


Wiring Frames are Approved as a Ground Potential

The ProFlex wiring system consisting of several bolted aluminum parts only needs to be connected to the ground potential at a point arbitrarily chosen.

We will gladly provide the test reports and certifications available.


Cost savings

  • Switching cabinet and pedestal are much more compact


    1. Reduction of purchasing costs
    2. Space-saving for installation
    3. Lower transport costs


  • Use of stainless steel housings or custom colours
  • Cable duct and equipment rails are completely eliminated
  • Time savings in wiring
  • Huge savings of installation expenses. Depending on the application, this can reduce several hours of staff costs:


    1. No thread cutting or mechanical processing
    2. No cutting of equipment rails and cable ducts
    3. Lower purchase costs for stranded wire, cables and copper Busbar systems